Altered Mode radio show on Trax Radio 8/08/2017

1 Soulmate by SACREDITS
2 Pink Industry (Richard Norris remix) by Manfredas
3 Funkynoizer (DJ Rocca Boogie mix) by DANIELE BALDELLI & DJ ROCCA
4 Running Mate (original mix) by Dreems & Von Party
5 Mighty Girl by Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas
6 Physical Disco (Cowboy Rhythmbox edit) by Golden Bug
7 The Camelwalk by IN FLAGRANTI feat DJ ROCCA
8 Back To Basics by FEAR E
9 Tracer (Reude Hagelstein remix) by JOHN DIGWEED/NICK MUIR/DARREN EMERSON
10 C’mon by SNAZZY TRAX
11 6EQUJ5 (original mix) by Audiojack
12 What Ya Gonna by FEAR E
13 Moda (12 Inch version) by RETRO/GRADE
14 Elliptic by Vessels
15 Children Of The E (Kink SP1200 remix) by RADIO SLAVE
16 Resuscitate (Basteroid Remix) by Pan-Tone
17 Wonderground by SNAZZY TRAX
18 Pulsar (12 Inch version) by RETRO/GRADE
19 Den Litle Tromme, Gut by PANDREAS
20 Danceteria (Bronx mix) by KRYSTAL KLEAR
21 Black Palms by Fetisch & M.E.
22 NRG106 (Original Mix) by Bicep
23 Stop (Don’t Let The Beat) by MIDLAND
24 New Toys (Ambivalent remix) by ASH ROY/CALM CHOR
25 Like It Hot (Argy remix) by Pascal Feos
26 Acidspix by Lory D
27 Bad Mood by Reeko
28 He Can Save You (Robert Hood remix) by FLOORPLAN
29 Black Patterns (Len Faki Hardspace mix) by DJ BONE
30 Double Feature by MIDLAND
31 Brooklyn Style by Pascal Feos
32 Judgement (Trevino’s a10961′ remix) by PAOLO ROCCO
33 Never Miss by SNAZZY TRAX
34 Behind The Wheel (Vince Clarke remix) by DEPECHE MODE
35 Crowded Room by SLAM
36 Carnival (Gabriel Ananda Remix) by Steve Lawler
38 Down 4 Me by SNAZZY TRAX
39 Synaptic by Pascal Feos
40 Erotic Discourse by Bobby Peru & Paul Woolford
41 Atomic (Diddy’s 12inch Mix) by Blondie
42 Drag (original mix) by AMBIVALENT
43 No Pussy Blues (T. Raumschmiere Vox Edit) by Grinderman
44 The 15th by Fischerspooner
45 Stand On the Word (Larry Levan Mix) by Joubert Singers