Altered Mode on Trax Radio 21/08/2017

1 Beonis First Play) by Paolo Mantini Next Generation (Pépé Bradock’s Braccio D_Oco della Villa
2 Funkynoizer (DJ Rocca Boogie mix) by DANIELE BALDELLI & DJ ROCCA
3 Soulmate by SACREDITS
4 Running Mate (original mix) by Dreems & Von Party
5 Times Going Down (Joutro Mundo remix) by SITUATION feat ANDRE ESPEUT
6 Physical Disco (Cowboy Rhythmbox edit) by Golden Bug
7 Mannequin On The Run by DATASSETTE
8 Bergab by Stil & Bense
9 C’mon by SNAZZY TRAX
10 Shari Vari (Hifi Sean remix) by UNOMAS feat FRITZ HELDER
11 Dream Machine by DOMINIK EULBERG & ESSAY
12 Trigonometry (Original Mix) by Sasha
13 Tracer (Reude Hagelstein remix) by JOHN DIGWEED/NICK MUIR/DARREN EMERSON
14 E Back To Basics by FEAR
15 Moda (12 Inch version) by RETRO/GRADE
16 Wonderground by SNAZZY TRAX
17 E What Ya Gonna by FEAR
18 6EQUJ5 (original mix) by Audiojack
19 GameOvr (Original Mix) by Sasha
20 Just Fierce by Argy/Honey Dijon
21 Children Of The E (Kink SP1200 remix) by RADIO SLAVE
22 Den Litle Tromme, Gut by PANDREAS
23 Stop (Don’t Let The Beat) by MIDLAND
24 Like It Hot (Argy remix) by Pascal Feos
25 Dream Yourself Awake (Shinedoe Remix) by Pantha Du Prince
26 Switched Mode by John Tejada & Arian Leviste
27 Suoneria by Lory D
28 Brooklyn State by FEOS, Pascal
29 Parking Garage Politics by PAPERCLIP PEOPLE
30 Double Feature by MIDLAND
32 Time To Jack (Marcel Dettmann remix 1) by Rolando
33 Salsa Life by DERRICK MAY
34 Never Miss by SNAZZY TRAX
35 Metropolis Light Transport by DATASSETTE
36 Synaptic by FEOS, Pascal
37 Self Control by AVATISM
39 Never Grow Old (Lyric Hood mix) by FLOORPLAN
40 I’m Alright Mate by BRUCE
41 Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix) by Aphex Twin